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eNewsletter, September 2016




Statewide Water Reuse Forum

September 16, 2016
Sacaramento, CA

Governor's Office of Planning and Research

Melissa Partyka, WCFS staff researcher, was invited to attend the Statewide Water Reuse Forum hosted by the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research and held at the CalEPA Headquarters. The forum was widely attended by leading members of the State Water Resources Control Board, public utility districts, environmental advocacy groups, and the NSF Engineering Research Center at UC Berkeley. The purpose of the forum was to discuss the current state of the science/technology behind water reuse in California, current actions being taken by regulatory/governing authorities, and success stories of water reuse driven by community leaders. Breakout sessions were conducted to expose underutilized opportunities for water reuse expansion as well as discussing potential challenges that may impede the success of California’s water reuse goals. Partyka’s role was as a representative of water reuse potential in agricultural settings, an area that has received less attention than urban use.  A report of the proceedings will be presented to the governor’s office and made publically available later this fall.




FARAD Workshop

September 6-17, 2016
Davis, CA

WIFSS hosted a Food Animal Residue Avoidance Database (FARAD) and One Health Curriculum Workshop September 6 – 17, 2016. Sponsored through a grant from the International Veterinary Collaboration for China (IVCC) and Zoetis, this program brought three faculty from Nanjing Agricultural University (NJAU) College of Veterinary Medicine to UC Davis/WIFSS to attend an intensive 10 day program. In attendance were Professors Ruqian Zhao, Liping Wang, and Ruibing Cao. Session topics during week one included One Health in Food Safety, curriculum development related to One Health in Food Safety, antibiotic residues and regulatory issues affecting the USA, outreach activities to improve dairy operations, and methods for blended learning for adult learners.

Sharing their expertise the first week of the workshop were Ria de Grassi, an agricultural issues and policy strategist and Dr. Jessica Light of Zoetis, along with a team from the School of Veterinary Medicine and WIFSS, including Drs. John Angelos, Amanda ArensBennie Osburn, Michael Payne, Birgit Puschner, David Goldenberg and Heather Johnson.

In week two, faculty attended sessions led by Dr. Lisa Tell and her FARAD team on how FARAD functions to assist veterinarians and producers in maintaining a food supply free of drug residues. This program will help in establishing future working relationships between WIFSS/SVM and NJAU to increase educational and research collaborations related to One Health in Food Safety and food supply drug residue avoidance.

FARAD Workshop














Farm-To-Fork Festival

September 24, 2016
Sacramento, CA

WIFSS volunteers enjoyed greeting the record-breaking attendance crowds spread along seven blocks of Capitol Mall during the fourth annual Farm-to-Fork Festival.  Among the hundreds of vendor booths at the September 24th festival was the School of Veterinary Medicine-WIFSS booth which included family-friendly games focused on testing festival goer’s food safety knowledge. The motto “Food Safety Matters” was front and center in volunteer’s interactions with the hundreds of families that dropped by the booth.

Thanks to the engaging WIFSS team including Amlan Aggrawal, John Angelos, Ronald Bond, Chris Brunner, Jessica Cadriel, Emily Kunz, Bennie Osburn, Melissa Partyka, Robert Pattison, and Clare Wei.

Farm to Fork














UC ANR Food Blog

September 2016

Researchers from UC Davis and Washington State University Extension are conducting research and workshops helping answer key questions for the tree fruit industry. Water quality training seminars for growers that have to comply with new water testing requirements have already begun in Washington with the leadership of UC Davis researchers such as Melissa Partyka, Ronald Bond, and Jennifer Chase. The workshops are spreading the word about proper methods for obtaining accurate water samples in order to be in compliance with regulations in the Produce Safety Rules for the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Read about it in the September Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources Food Blog.